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  How to Use Our Products    
When your children have lice you need help - fast!  Lice Tamers Treatment Products are extremely effective and easy to use.   Our Lice Treatment Kit is the only thing you'll need to rid your family of head lice quickly, and without harmful pesticides or chemicals.  Lice Tamers Lice Treatment kit includes:  1-4oz bottle of 'Later Lice Enzyme Mousse; 1-8oz bottle of 'Later Lice! "Bug-Out" Balm and 1-NitFreeTerminator Comb.
Instructions for use:
1) Wet hair throughly with water.
2) Apply 'Later Lice! Enzyme Mousse generously to base of hair strands, massaging into hair.
3) Section off hair with clip after applying mousse.
4) After application is complete, apply shower cap and leave on for five minutes.
5) After 5 - 10 minutes, remove shower cap.
6) Working in sections, remove clip from hair and generously apply 'Later Lice! "Bug-Out" Balm to each section from root to end.
7) Comb each section with NitFree Terminator Comb from base of hair to root, wiping comb on paper towel after each time, until comb      comes out clean.
8) After all hair has been combed, comb each section a second time.
9) Repeat procedure for a total of 10 more days, checking hair each day for lice and nits.  
8) DO NOT, I repeat - DO NOT underestimate the power of the louse.  You can never comb too much!
If you have any questions, call the "Lice Emergency Hotline"  at 877-237-LICE 7am -9pm, 7 days a week 

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